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Clare is the award-winning author of two biographies. The Spy Who Loved: The Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville (2013) led to her being presented with Poland’s national ‘Bene Merito’ honorary distinction in 2014. The Woman Who Saved the Children: A Biography of Eglantyne Jebb (2009) won the Daily Mail Biographers’ Club Prize. Increasingly on TV and radio, and a busy public speaker, Clare also leads a tour on female special agents in London and Paris with Historical Trips every autumn. She also writes and reviews for publications such as The Spectator, The Telegraph and History Today. Clare's next book is due out in June 2017.



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University Women's Club, London, talk on The Spy Who Loved, 16 March 2017

Historical Trips, 'Women of SOE' tour, London-Paris-Valencay, 28 Sept - 2 Oct 2017

Channel 5, 'Adolf & Eva, Love & War', commenting on Eva Braun's home movies, watch on catch-up


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Breathtaking - The Daily Mail
Riveting... Hollywood should sit up and take note! - The Good Book Guide
Passionately written and highly atmospheric. - The Economist
As thrilling as any fiction. - The Daily Mail
A nerve-shredding read. - The Lady
Scintillating and moving... one of the most exciting books... this year. - The Spectator
A stunning achievement. - Alison Weir
A really gripping account. - Simon Mawer, 'The Glass Room', 'The Girl Who Fell from the Sky'
Absolutely fascinating. Christine Granville is one of those women you can't help wishing you'd met in real life. - Jojo Moyes, 'Me Before You'
An astonishing story, brilliantly told. If a Hollywood movie isn't made about Christine Granville's remarkable life I would be amazed. - Charles Cumming, 'A Foreign Country', 'The Trinity Six'
An excellent piece of work. - Roger Moorhouse, 'Killing Hitler', 'Berlin at War'
Compulsively readable... a thrilling book. - The Sunday Telegraph
She has woven the romantic account of the heroine's courage, enterprise and occasional despair when denied an active role against the enemy into the intricate and confusing fabric of the war in Eastern Europe and the Levant with rare perception. The depth of her research authenticates a text of suspense and daring. - The Times

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Here you can find out more about my biographies of Krystyna Skarbek, aka Christine Granville, Britain's first female special agent of WWII, and Eglantyne Jebb, the controversial founder of the international Save the Children movement who was 'not fond' of children. You can also get in touch, or book me for talks.

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Clare’s next biography, The Women Who Flew for Hitler, will be published in Britain and the USA in June 2017. 

Despite Hitler’s diktats on women’s place being in the home, two fiercely defiant female test pilots were awarded the Iron Cross during the Second World War. Other than this unique distinction, and a passion for flying that bordered on addiction, these women could not have been less alike. Nazi poster-girl Hanna Reitsch, an unsurpassed pilot, is best-known for being the last person to fly into Berlin-under-siege in April 1945, begging Hitler to leave the bunker with her. He refused and killed himself two days later. Brilliant aeronautical engineer and test-pilot Melitta Schenk Gräfin von Stauffenberg was Hanna’s antithesis. Quietly critical of the Nazi regime, she used her value to the Luftwaffe as a means to both pursue her passion for flight, and to protect her wider family. Both women risked their lives to change the history of the Third Reich and their interwoven dramas, touching directly on the British experience, are a powerful forgotten story of conformity and resistance at the heart of the Second World War. 


See Clare commenting on Eva Braun's home movies on Channel 5's, 'Adolf & Eva: Love and War'

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