The Woman Who Saved The Children


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new exhibition at Central Family Court

Respected & Protected: The Rights of Children, 42-49 High Holborn, London, Jan-July 2017, open to all 


Eglantyne Jebb stamp released

In 2016, Royal Mail honoured Eglantyne Jebb on their new stamps.



Winner of the Daily Mail Biographers Club prize.                      

All author royalties donated to Save the Children.

'Beautifully constructed and passionately written... evocative, funny and poignant', The Big Issue

'Brings to life the world of clever and conscientious upper-middle-class women... a valuable account of a forgotten life', Sunday Times

'A very readable story which will strike a chord for many', Times Online 

'Unusual and perceptive', The Daily Mail

'A pleasure to read... a combination of Jebb's own mischievous attitude and Mulley's lively style', Times Literary Supplement

'A very good read... telling an extraordinary story', Simon Hoggart, The Guardian

'Crisp masterly biography', The Good Book Guide

'Meticulously researched... a testimony to Jebb's remarkable humanitarianism', Oxford Today

'Informative and sensitively written. Clare Mulley has done Eglantyne proud', The Church Times

'Kept me up half the night - really fascinating and moving - beautifully written and paced... wonderful', Richard Holmes, Footsteps, The Age of Wonder

'Sensitive, entertainingly and beautifully written... a sparkling biography', Kate Williams, England's Mistress, Young Victoria

'Wonderful, clever and funny, Clare Mulley's lively and intimate biography brings out the humour, inconsistency, willfullness and just excellent energy of Eglantyne', Alexander Masters, Stuart: A Life Backwards

'Pick up this book and be inspired', Paul O'Grady

'A truly brilliant book', Gordon Brown