Historia magazine

Clare interviews Michael Morpurgo for Historia, the magazine of the Historical Writers Association


Inside the mind of the female assasin
Why it's high time the RAF allowed women to fight as well as fly
'One tried to kill him, one tried to save him: the women who flew for Hitler'
'I’m going face to face with a forgotten war heroine'
'Deadlier than the male: Inside the secret world of female assassins'
'Sub-machine guns, prosthetic legs and 'uncivil service': The hidden lives of Britain's female spies'
'Wartime Heroines Forgotten in Peace'

History Today

'Warsaw’s Child of Freedom'
'Resistance Movements, A Force For Change'
'The Special Relationship Renewed'

Military History Monthly

'Krystyna Skarbek, SOE's Silent Killer', for Military History Monthly.
'The Women Who Flew For Hitler' for Military History Monthly

Britain at War Magazine

Hitler's Valkyries: the remarkable story of two remarkable women, test pilots in the Third Reich's struggle against the Allied cause

Daily Mirror

One offered to fly Hitler to safety while the other plotted his assassination - yet both these women were German patriots

Daily Mail

'Children saved by a woman who didn't like them'

The Express

'The woman who hated children... and saved them'

Church Times

'Running to the Pope for cash'


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